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Education on your terms

Our Vision

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Choosing Super Tutors UK is more than a commitment to education; it is an investment in your child's future. Our bespoke educational services are designed to unlock each student's highest potential, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to excel in all their endeavors.


With Super Tutors UK, your family receives more than just tutoring; they receive a partnership dedicated to fostering outstanding academic and personal growth, tailored to the prestigious and dynamic lives of families who instruct our services.

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Unparalleled Private Tuition
Super Tutors UK stands as the premier private tuition provider. Our approach to education is not just unique, but entirely bespoke, understanding that each learner’s pathway to excellence is distinct. Whether you are seeking world-class homeschooling tutors, skilled travel tutors, or personal educators to accompany your family during your global travels, Super Tutors UK ensures a seamless academic journey that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle demands.
Tailored Excellence with Homeschooling Tutors
At Super Tutors UK, we appreciate that the traditional school system might not always align with the busy schedules and unique requirements of some families. That’s why we offer top-tier homeschooling tutors who bring a wealth of expertise and a personalised touch to the educational experience. Our educators are not just teachers; they are mentors who instill discipline, intellectual curiosity, and a love for learning, all within the comfort and convenience of your home. Each tutor is meticulously matched with your child to ensure an optimal fit, fostering an enriching and supportive learning environment.
Empowering Education On-the-Go with Traveling Tutors
In today’s dynamic world, the need for adaptability in education cannot be understated. Super Tutors UK provides exceptional traveling tutors who are adept at teaching in any environment, whether your family is on a cruise, exploring cultural sites in Europe, or setting up in new cities around the globe. Our tutors are seasoned professionals who bring continuity and stability to your child’s education, ensuring that learning remains uninterrupted and vibrant, no matter where your travels take you. This mobile education model is crafted to suit the fast-paced and often unpredictable schedules os some families, helping to maintain academic excellence without compromise.
A Commitment to the Highest Standards
Every tutor at Super Tutors UK undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the most highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated educators join our team. We understand that the stakes are high, and our commitment is to deliver nothing less than the very best in private education. Our tutors are professionals who have demonstrated proficiency across various curricula and educational standards worldwide. They are gifted in personalising lesson plans to engage and challenge your child, fostering not only academic success but also critical thinking, creativity, and resilience.
Education Outside of School

What does Education look like outside of conventional school? At Super Tutors UK we see tremendous opportunity homeschooling provides to explore, nuture and develop in a way not possible in the classroom. Under U.K. law parents are required to provide 'efficient' and 'age appropiate' education for their children. Many families trust schools to provide that for them. However, there is an emerging group of people who realise that there might be a better way...

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In a land so faraway, where rabbits run free

and squirrels play, where church bells ring

over rolling hills and valleys so green

The rest of my life, is waiting for me...

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