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Education on your terms


super tutor

We have two main approaches that familes can take. The first is to instruct our tuition services weekly where invoices are sent on a weekly basis dependant on hours taught. Secondly, families can instruct our services on a termly or yearly basis. Fees for both methods are outlined below.

Travel Tutor

In person lessons in London are £120 per hour.

Termly packages for families start at £12,000 per term.

Online Lessons are £96 per hour.

For a full schedule of lessons and activities 40 weeks a year, packages start at £168,000 per year.

Day rate for travel tutors is £1200 per day

The fees outlined here are designed to give an insight, but it is best to speak with us.

Super Tutors UK

The best approach is to have an initial call with us, following that, it is likely appropiate for us to meet and discuss further. 020 8050 2268

Once we have a clear idea of your needs you can officially instruct us by paying £500. We will then act quickly to create a bespoke tuition package for you.

*All Fees include VAT*

Travel Tutor
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