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Homeschool, Travel Tutor, International Tutor, Super Tutor

Education on your terms

Super Tutors UK

Homeschool, Travel Tutor, International Tutor, Super Tutor

What we offer
Bespoke Homeschooling Programmes
Super Tutors
International Tutors
Travel Tutors
Short or Long Term arrangements
DBS checked
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We work with High Profile, High Net Worth+ and even Royal Familes to create a bespoke education package to best suit their needs.

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How it works


In this initial call we would look to determine whether or not working with Super Tutors UK would be the best solution for your education requirements.

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This non refundable payment of £500 acts as an instruction payment for us to go about sourcing the best tutors for your needs.

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Work with us

We can offer a short term solution or long term arrangement dependent on your circumstances. It may be that the nature of your education provision develops over time and we can offer new tutors or new plan accordingly.

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World Class Education On Your Terms

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At Super Tutors UK, we specialise in catering to the distinctive needs of high-profile, high-net-worth+ individuals and even royal families by crafting bespoke education packages that are as exceptional as they are. Understanding that such clients require an extraordinary level of discretion, flexibility, and personalised attention, we tailor our services to meet their unique demands and circumstances. Our expert team works closely with families to design customised curriculums and learning pathways that support both the immediate academic goals and long-term aspirations of the students. Whether through one-on-one homeschooling, travel tutoring, or securing the expertise of international tutors with unparalleled backgrounds, Super Tutors UK ensures that every aspect of the educational experience is meticulously planned and executed to perfection. We build lifelong partnerships that transcend traditional teaching methods, offering world-class education that seamlessly integrates into the dynamic lives of our exclusive clientele.

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